About Us

We are providing a service to individuals and businesses that need 3D, CNC, and laser cutting and etching on demand from single, and small runs, to mass duplication.

With our business partners we network together to provide complete turnkey solutions for creating output from 3D, 2D, CNC, vector, bitmapped images, and more.

We cater to those seeking a creative edge.

Our services may be available for:

  • Branding
  • Signage
  • Trade show handouts
  • Custom gifts
  • Prototyping
  • Open Source Hardware

Homebase: Silicon Valley, USA

City: Santa Clara, California

Telephone # 408-475-3282 (408-475-DATA)

Our services are not meant to replace your personal or business CNC equipment, but rather to supplement them. If you would like assistance to make your production environment more “productive,” contact us for consultation.


Why would you want to use us?
We have over 20 years in IT Consulting with hi-tech and startup companies.

Michael Bolanos started offthegridit to do computer and network consulting. With his group of technophiles researching new technologies and trying to find ways of making technology work for people across vast industries we found great ways to “create.”

The people we support in Silicon Valley have nurtured our foundations in building, creating, and inventing. We espouse the methods of the valley’s inventors and makers using technologies like CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, design tools and more.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate the items that we have created.

AR Headset Prototype